Offering quality employee benefits is now more important than ever in maintaining a loyal workforce, but managing those services can be a distraction for business owners and human resource professionals who have a myriad of responsibilities.

Your employees can choose from a number of voluntary benefits, including:

- Disability insurance
- Life insurance
- Accident insurance
- Cancer insurance
- Dental insurance
- Vision insurance
- Critical care insurance
- Medical bridge insurance
- Identity theft insurance

These policies are designed to help mitigate rising health-care costs and protect employees’ financial well-being. And we do all the work, meeting with your employees, carefully explaining the various options and helping each employee choose policies that best suit his or her needs.

And offering these voluntary benefits can actually save your business and employees money, since many of the benefits can be offered pretax.

At Employer Resource Group, we’re not just concerned with the sale. We’re committed to customer satisfaction before, during and after the sale, so we offer important services including:

Claims support
- Payroll deduction
- Billing support