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When choosing the right partner in business, it is important to select one who cares as much about success as you do. Employer Resource Group is in it for the long haul, and we take customer relationships seriously. We do all the work, acting as a trusted extension of your team that will utilize a wide array of tools and support services to make it easier for you to deliver an exceptional benefits experience to your clients every time. We focus on the following broker solutions:

  • Enrollment Solutions
  • Communication Solutions
  • Benefit Administration


Every business has a unique set of challenges that need to be addressed during the planning and implementation process of enrollment. Whether during annual enrollment or a perpetual schedule, ERG has the capability to utilize a variety of enrollment methods including, one-on-one, group meetings, self-service or call center solutions. We are here to help manage all of the components in the benefits
enrollment process.

  • One-on-One Enrollment
    One-on-One enrollments offer employees an individualized approach to enrollment by meeting one-on-one with a benefit counselor. Once the enrollment process is complete, the final enrollment selections are securely sent to the various insurance companies to complete the policy approval process.
  • Group Enrollment
    Sometimes individual meetings with employees may not be possible; therefore, a group setting provides an opportunity to educate employees about benefits choices and the enrollment process to ensure efficient completion of applications. This method works well whenever one-on-one conditions may be inefficient in terms of time and resources to an organization.
  • Self-Enrollment
    This method allows employees to complete their own enrollment with a partner system of ERG. In most cases, self-enrollment can be combined with any of the other enrollment methods. Self-enrollment is always accompanied by call center and/or one-on-one enrollment methods.


ERG makes it a priority to provide topnotch customer service before, during and after the sale. Because of this, we take benefits communication very seriously. Our licensed benefit counselors meet with employees to review benefit options, which includes but is not limited to; core & group benefits, as well as providing compensation statements, benefits guides & feedback.

  • Customized Benefit Guides
    ERG offers a unique service to its clients by offering customized benefit guides (digital and/or print) that combine all of the info into one employee benefit resource. The guides outline all of the employer offered/ funded core and group benefits available to employees, supplying the necessary information to make informed decisions.
  • Total Compensation Statements
    One of our services can include providing each employee a total compensation statement, which outlines each employee’s complete compensation package. By having benefits and salary detailed in this statement, an employee sees the bigger picture and has greater appreciation for the benefits their employer provides.
  • Employee Feedback
    During the enrollment meetings, surveys can be administered to employees in order to gather information and feedback regarding benefit offerings available..


In short, benefits administration can take valuable time away from human resource professionals and creates a myriad of responsibilities when tracking employee information. A benefits operating system can administer various benefit options and provide a single source tool for employee data collection. ERG provides technology available through Common Census Inc. to provide superior benefits operating technology to clients and partners.

Some benefits include:

  • Flexible case size (3 – 20,000+)
  • Various HR tools
  • Provide small groups with unmatched service capabilities
  • Online or offline enrollment capability
  • Flexible benefit offerings
  • Free benefits administration for clients as long as voluntary products are offered!
  • Easily connect or enroll in any combination of COBRA, ACA, FSA, HSA, VB or any TPA you need to use – payroll too

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